Meet the Greeks!

With 13 fraternities, and 6 sororities on campus, Greek Life is prevalent in all aspects of student life at Stevens. Over 30% of Stevens students are a member of a Greek Organization, and over 75% of executive board members, encompassing all clubs, are members of the Greek community. Joining the Greek Community has a number of positives, including leadership development, networking, and making friends that last a lifetime. Both fraternities, the Greek organizations for men, and sororities, the Greek organizations for women, have different recruitment processes in order to join:

Sorority recruitment is more formal at Stevens, compared to fraternities. Freshmen girls are not allowed to join a sorority until their 2nd semester, during which they can participate in formal recruitment. Formal recruitment is divided into three parts: First, potential new members participate in ‘Round Robin’. The round robin is each potential new member’s first chance to interact with each sorority and its sisters. During it, each sorority performs a presentation for the potential new members to demonstrate their values. Following the Round Robin, potential new members participate in Philanthropy Night, during which they learn about each sororities’ national philanthropic organizations. The potential new members and the sororities then participate in a mutual selection process before each new member participating is invited to two sororities’ preference party. The preference party is the last event during the sorority recruitment period, and is each sorority’s last chance to talk to the potential new members, and vice-versa. Finally, after the ‘Day of silence’, during which each potential new member is matched with a sorority via computer, each potential new member receives a bid to a sorority and is invited to participate in bid night.

Recruitment is more informal for fraternities. Throughout the fall semester and the first few weeks of the spring semester, fraternities host rush events. These events can range from barbeques, watching football or South Park, poker nights, wing eating contests, or anything in between. Unlike sororities, you can attend as many fraternities’ events as you wish – whether that be one, or all of them. After meeting the brothers of each fraternity at their rush events or around campus, the brothers of each fraternity vote on who they wish to extend a bids to. There are no limits to amount of bids that you can receive: you can receive no bids to thirteen bids. Once you have received all of your bids, on bid night you decide which bid to accept and which fraternity to join.

The only exception to this is the co-ed service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega. To receive a bid, you must attend at least one orientation session and one recruitment event. You can also join Alpha Phi Omega in your first semester. In comparison to the other Greek associations, to join APO you need to complete the fixed requirements, whereas requirements are a bit flexible, and selection is more subjective for social Greeks.

In all cases, upon accepting a bid you will participate in a pledging, or new member education process, which upon successful completion culminates in initiation into the fraternity or sorority.

Interested in learning more about Greek Life? Attend Meet the Greeks on September 6th at 1PM on Bissinger to meet brothers and sisters from each fraternity and sorority at Stevens!
You can read blurbs and find more information about each fraternity/sorority below.

Alpha Sigma Phi
Beta Theta Pi
Chi Phi
Chi Psi (The Lodge)
Delta Tau Delta
Kappa Sigma
Lambda Upsilon Lambda
Nu Alpha Phi
Phi Sigma Kappa
Sigma Nu
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Theta Xi

Alpha Phi
Delta Phi Epsilon
Omega Phi Beta
Phi Sigma Sigma
Sigma Delta Tau
Theta Phi Alpha

Alpha Phi Omega