Rivalry Alert

In case you haven’t heard, the Stevens Institute of Technology Class of 2021 is the most diverse class to ever be admitted to Stevens representing 30 states!  On the surface, this certainly seems like a total inclusivity win, but that could not be further from the truth.

Unfortunately, this 60% coverage of The United States of America pales in comparison to the 34 U.S. states minimum met at every other college, and even some high schools.  What kind of institution are we attending that can barely receive a passing percentage of state attendance?  

It’s almost like Stevens wants to make itself look like an amateur scavenger of states rather than a savvy collector.  C’mon, Stevens, I heard Harvard got 45 whole states this year.  That’s almost all of them!  Can you please try to keep up?

I honestly feel my education is not only diminished by only having 6 of every 10 US states represented by the freshman class admitted this year, but practically useless since that ratio would be higher at any other place of learning in the entire globe.  I have half a mind, or should I say, six tenths a mind to transfer to a college with at least 40 American states represented so I can learn actual knowledge that means something.

Now, I know it seems like a long shot, but hear me out; while I’m confident you’re devising a plan to pack more states of The United States of America into the school, you have to pick up the pace a little (side note: Pace has 37 states).  I need to graduate knowing I’m leaving behind an alma mater that will indeed have a student from every state.  So just give 50 kids a free pass this coming admissions season.  It’s a small price to pay to establish a legacy and show all of our collegiate rivals that diversity does matter to Stevens Institute of Technology.