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CS Club Hosts Bash Basics Night

This past Wednesday night, the Computer Science Club hosted its annual “Bash Basics” lesson at 9 PM in EAS 222. BASH, or Bourne-Again SHell, is a command language, which typically…

Hanlon Financial Systems Center

Renovations on the first floor of Babbio Center have installed a second Hanlon Laboratory for Financial Analytics and Data Visualation. Work over 2500 sq ft improved research and conference rooms,…

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Tools for the College Trade

As we enter yet another year here at Stevens, or for some, their first year altogether, some of us may be faced with the all too familiar struggle of organization….

A New America’s Cup

The beloved America’s Cup café, located across from Howe on Palmer lawn, was recently renovated with a nautical theme. With sailing flags hanging on the wall, diners feel that they…