SAVE Hosts Recycled Bottle Candle Making

Photo by Elina Tuder

On Tuesday, Feb. 6, Sustainability¬†Activism Volunteering and Engineering (SAVE), which is Stevens Environmental Club, hosted its first-ever Recycled Bottle Candle Making event. Attendees were able to select any glass bottle or jar, score it, have it filled with hot wax, and then mix in their desired colors and scents. While waiting for their candles to solidify, students could also enjoy sweets, which included cookies and candy. Kaitlyn Zak, the Events Chair of SAVE, hopes that the event will ‚Äúencourage people to be sustainable and find ways to reuse bottles, rather than just throwing them out.” Through the entire event, SAVE used 20 pounds of wax. SAVE meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 9 pm in the Griffith Building and is working on a solar-powered smoothie cart.