Director of the Davidson Laboratory Resigns

Photo courtesy New York Times

As of Jan. 31, Alan Blumberg, an admired researcher and professor in the Ocean Engineering Department, has resigned from his position at Stevens to work in the private sector of Hydrosciences and Modeling.

As the backbone of the Davidson Lab, a member of the Stevens Board of Trustees, and an admired George Meade Bond Ocean Engineering Professor, Alan Blumberg made quite the impact on the Stevens Ocean Engineering Department. His research focused on the interactions between coastal water and urban environment while also using numerical models and laboratory experiments for forecasting systems and future safety and sustainability of urban coastal regions. Blumberg has worked with the New York City Mayor’s Office on coastal flooding and has also worked with the New Jersey Governor’s Office in the implementation of state-wide storm surge reduction alternatives.

During his 15 years at Stevens, Blumberg championed over 150 peer-reviewed articles, taught 12 different oceanography and coastal courses, and led the use of the New York Harbor Operation and Prediction System (NYHOPS), which continues to assess the conditions of the ocean, weather, and environment of the New York Harbor region. Considered to be one of the professional minds of regional storm and sea level rise flooding events, Blumberg has been featured in The New York Times, USAToday, and his work on hurricane intensity reduction was featured in a 2008 National Geographic Special.

“It is time for me to begin the next chapter of my career,” said Alan Blumberg when asked about his decision to resign from Stevens to join Silicon Valley startup Jupiter Intel. As the co-founder and head of the New York City office for Jupiter, Blumberg hopes to expand the practical applications of weather prediction, climate modeling, and quantifying risk climate change through the use of new sensor data and cloud computing. This information would completely change the manner in which researchers view data referencing weather patterns on a national and global scale.

Reflecting on his many achievements, Blumberg states that his “career has flourished from so many opportunities… [and] could not have asked for more” from his colleagues. Through Jupiter Intel, he hopes to discover new opportunities and continue working with Stevens researchers and students.