The One About Useless Facts

Over the past few weeks, I’ve learned a lot of random facts. Though these facts are completely useless, they are pretty interesting, so for this week, I thought I would share a couple of the ones I found the most interesting.

Growing up, like any preteen girl, I was obsessed with the Jonas Brothers. While they were burning up the charts, girls across the world were hanging their posters on their walls. Now, this famous trio has always been made up of three brothers from New Jersey: Kevin, Joe, and Nick. Let’s take a moment of silence for your childhood because Kevin Jonas’s real name is actually Paul Jonas. This fact had me questioning my life. Another useless fact: Kevin Jonas currently builds and sells houses with his wife in the area of Montville, NJ. How’d I learn all this? Google is a powerful tool when you think your friend is lying to you about the least famous Jonas Brother.

The next fact will resonate with those of you who liked Sesame Street as children. My personal favorite character on Sesame Street was the googly-eyed Cookie Monster. My siblings and I spent our childhoods trying to see which one of us could do the best impression of our favorite blue monster. However, in an episode of Sesame Street, the Cookie Monster shared a piece of shocking news: Before eating his first ever cookie, he believes that his name was Sid. For my entire life, I thought that Mama Cookie Monster had named her son “Cookie Monster” after her love (and his inherited love) of cookies. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I am slightly comforted by the fact that my favorite monster did have a name other than his alias. Sid is to Cookie Monster as Clark is to Superman and, as some people say, not all superheroes wear capes.

For any sports fans that might be reading, I know relatively nothing about sports and absolutely nothing about baseball. But I do understand that the World Series is basically the Super Bowl of baseball and that up until 2016, the Chicago Cubs were not a very good team. Before their World Series win in 2016, the last time the Chicago Cubs had won a World Series was in the year 1908. How is this significant or interesting at all? In 1908, the Ottoman Empire was still around. So the last time that the Cubs won a World Series was before the 1922 collapse of the Ottoman Empire, which I found particularly interesting.

Now, I know these have been some of the most useless facts you’ve ever been told, but I do hope that it at least spiked your interest. That being said, I hope you learn a lot more things you’ll never be able to use realistically and that you have a great day.