Life happens

This week, I was really struggling to decide on what to write, and I realized that, actually, I have nothing to say.


How can I be living in what is supposed to be “the most exciting time of my life” and have absolutely nothing to say?  Why don’t I have strong opinions about things that are going on in the world, opinions so strong that I would just want to scream them from the rooftops? As sad as it sounds, I don’t have the time to say something meaningful. I only have time to discuss my day-to-day concerns. Sure, I can say that it gets better, and I can catch up after this week. Yet, that’s the same stuff we say to ourselves all the time, knowing that it’s not really the case.

So instead, I’m gonna be real and say that this semester isn’t going to be the exception to the previous semesters; this semester isn’t going to be what you wanted it to be. Instead, it’s going to be the same thing as it was before. You start off motivated to be on top of your work, to explore life outside of the classroom, and then you blink and it’s finals week and you think, “How did the time pass by so quickly?” And then you think to yourself, upset that your semester didn’t go as you hoped it would, “How did I let it all consume me so much?”

To that I say, “It’s okay.” It is okay to be disappointed, to have life go a little bit differently than you wished. It’s not even a month into the semester and I already find myself thinking that I have to push my personal plans aside to take care of other more pressing responsibilities. That trip to go ice skating has to wait so that I can write my lab reports, go to meetings, go to work, go to…, etc. It feels like it never ends. I know this sounds depressing, but I think being honest about what is reality is better than lying to yourself.

Be honest about the amount of time you have this weekend. Maybe you wanted to go to the movies, but you need to study for a test instead. Don’t lie to yourself and say, “I’m gonna study for a few hours and then go see that movie and come back to studying.” What’s probably going to happen is that you’ll get overwhelmed with figuring out the material, the movie will be forgotten, and then you will be upset that your plans fell through. Instead of being disappointed, accept it! Let life happen the way it happens. Maybe after studying you’ll realize that you have time to watch a TV show instead. So invite your study buddies, friends, family, significant other, whoever!

Embrace the fact that life happens and just go with it! After all, as long as you have your favorite people by your side, nothing else matters. Years from now, you’re not going to remember the failed movie date because you were studying until 3 a.m. Instead, you will remember laughing with your friends as you all get drunk from sleep deprivation.

So let life happen and grab your loved ones for the ride!