The One About Everything

“Hey guys, this week let’s talk about…” No, can’t be right. Hold up, one second. “This year has been full of so many memorable experiences…” Like what? Well, I mean, I started off this column a scared soon-to-be freshman, who wrote about her new college experience with anxiety evident in every stroke of the keyboard. I walked on the campus unsure of which way to turn, which building held each class and not knowing where I could turn. Now, I’m sitting here, three months into the school year with a lot more experience and a lot more certainty.

Hoboken, at first, felt like a completely new world ready to be explored. Over the past few months, Hoboken has begun to feel like home. There are people I have met and places I have been, risks I have taken…I should write about all of that. I should let my readers know that, yes, college is intimidating and scary, but it is definitely worth the time.

I could talk about how classes have been. First overwhelming and terrifying, now routine and mostly enjoyable. I could explain how each of my friends has made this an experience of a lifetime. How every late night Pierce run and midday coffee break has made my life the most enjoyable it’s been in years. I could talk about how much every trip to Bwè has been an adventure, but I think it’s more important to talk about the end result.

I walked into college, curious and terrified of what was to come. I had a lot on my plate and a lot to say, but overall, it has been a life-changing experience. People will say what they want about their first semester of college, but mine has been truly magical. There have been times when not everything in the world was great, but there have been times when I was over the moon because I was so happy. Thanks, Hoboken; thanks, Stevens. It’s been a year I’ll never forget, see you back in 2018.