Incorporate these trends into your fall wardrobe

This Fall I’m looking for a little extra something to add to my wardrobe. The colder months are usually associated with dark colors, but the mourning of summer doesn’t have to be with all black. This week, I’m bringing you a few styling and accessorizing tips and tricks to bring some color and patterns back into your fall and winter wardrobes.

As someone who is very pale, I tend to be wary of pink, in case it turns me into a fleshy, amorphous blob. Red, however, can be worn by anyone and is my “it” color this season. From pale pink to near-black burgundy, there’s a shade of red for everyone to feel comfortable in. But, the real challenge is to work in a bright, bold red. A red apple sweater can take jeans from 0 to 100 real quick. Pair it with loose, light-colored jeans and chic booties, or dark wash skinnies and knee-high boots for two different casual but put-together fall looks. You might also layer a flannel or plaid button down underneath, or add a plaid scarf.

Alternatively, J. Crew offers many of their wool coats in red, which has been inspiring me to consider using outerwear as a pop of color. My favorite fashion bloggers don’t hide their outfits under their coats, rather they incorporate their coat into their outfits for a complete look. My last tip is more of a beauty trend than fashion, but I like to think the two go hand in hand. Matte lipstick has been the best thing ever since forever and I think it’s time dabble in gloss again. If you’re quick, Too Faced Cosmetics’ latex high shine lipsticks are on sale at Sephora and Ulta for $10. What really caught my eye was the bright red shade with enough shine to be seen from outer space. The holiday season is prime time for a red lip, and the gloss is perfect for dry, frost-bitten lips that can stand up to the matte treatment.

The next trend I’m really eager to try is mixing plaids. Flannels and checkered prints are a fall staple, and this is a great way to re-imagine a classic look. Mixing flannels might seem really daunting, but there are a few sure-fire ways to approach it. The first is to pair opposites together. A large windowpane plaid in neutral colors would work with a smaller, busier print in richer colors. This creates a balance in which neither piece is too dominating. An alternative approach would be to stick to similar colors. Perhaps all the plaids you are pairing have a certain color in common but vary in size. Or, try a monochrome look where all of the colors match exactly but vary in scale and pattern; this is most easily done with black and white. A good rule of thumb for mixing patterns is to decide if the colors pair nicely, ignoring the patterns.

Going back to colors, in addition to red, I’ve suddenly developed a love for yellow, as well. Yellow is a bit harder to style since red is more seasonally universal while yellow is not always thought of as a winter color. It certainly is more appropriate for fall than winter, though a darker, more golden shade like mustard works better in winter. What I’m really dying for is a bright yellow raincoat or rain boots. These would make great transitional pieces from summer to fall, or winter to spring, and will look at home among the changing leaves. Yellow works better as an accessory color for colder months, whether it’s on shoes, bags or scarves. Henri Bendel’s Influencer Wallet comes in the perfect shade of yellow that’s not too bright and not too dull.

I know I mention this all the time, but leopard print is everywhere right now, especially on shoes and clutches. A leopard clutch is perfect for a completed outfit where you’ve already picked your shoes and coat but you still need an extra something. I have a pair of heeled leopard booties that are everything, but flats or loafers would be just as cute and more wearable. Michael Kors and Larssen and Jennings (my favorite watch brand!) also have leopard print watchstraps and many of Michael Kors’ leopard accessories are on sale now!

Color and pattern never go out of season if you wear them confidently. These suggestions might seem a bit outrageous, but you can always mix statement pieces with neutral, plain or solid pieces to tone them down. Start with small accessories like hair clips, bags, or shoes and then work these colors and patterns into your wardrobe!