Thank you and so much more

The holidays are coming up or already upon us if you look at the store displays or listen to the music on the radio. However, you may feel about the Christmas takeover, I think we can all agree that Thanksgiving is here and it is a good time to reflect and thank those that mean so much to us.

Every year we say what we are thankful for at the Thanksgiving dinner table, but this year I challenge you to do more. Yes, I’m sure that your recipients are flattered to hear your kind words, but what are you doing to actually show them how much you appreciate them? So this year, take a step beyond the wordswhether that’s helping Mom in the kitchen when you usually don’t or taking one of your siblings to a movie. Whatever it is, give them a nice small surprise this Thanksgiving, put some actions behind those words. Believe me, you will feel so good when you see your parent’s face light up in surprise and happiness.

Finally, thank yourself. You are great and have done so much in the past semester, and in the past year. Reflect on what you have done. Did you meet your personal goals? Are you proud of your accomplishments? Now throw whatever you just answered out the window, because none of it matters! Life takes us in unexpected twists and turns, it usually doesn’t follow our plans. So this Thanksgiving, whether you are pleased with your work or not, say “Thank you” to yourself and treat yourself, because you deserve it. Whether it’s a shopping trip or a quiet hour of reading, say thank you to you.

So this Thanksgiving season, go above the typical, “Thank you.”