‘Twas the morning of registration

‘Twas the morning of registration, and without a doubt,
I was worried and frantic: “WILL THIS THING LOAD,” I did shout!
I had my courses and call numbers written out with care,
with no preparation, I was doomed to err;
While the freshmen were nestled all snug in their beds,
The seniors, athletes, scholars, SGA senators, and Honor Board members all banged their heads.
And me, Olivia, in her pajamas, flustered and mad,
refreshed her web browser, not once, not twice, seven times she had;
But alas! There it was, the registration page did appear,
The most beautiful sight, just like Tuesday half-priced Biergarten beer.
Away to my keyboard, I typed like a flash,
“Maybe you’ll get on at 7 am”…absolute balderdash.
With a 30-year-old system, so decrepit and obsolete,
I knew registration would be anything but sweet.

November means two things: it’s time to register for spring classes and our wonderful consumer culture introduces a very premature holiday spirit. Why not combine the two? I hope you enjoyed my amateur poetry — what can I say? Stevens inspires me.

I feel like this wouldn’t be the Senioritis column if I didn’t complain just a smidge about registration. It’s the worst. We all know it. You have to constantly reload your page, nine times out of ten you can’t register for one of the classes you need… the list goes on and on. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that some big changes are coming for students who will continue here once I leave. I had the pleasure of listening to Chief Information Officer Dr. David Dodd speak this past weekend about the big transition Stevens is about to make from the slipshod SIS system we all abhor to the more refined, user-friendly WorkDay platform, which many of us use for Student Employment. I won’t bore you with all the details, but come Spring 2019, my poem will be as irrelevant and obsolete as our current registration system is now. Hip-hip-hooray for progress!

All registration dismay aside, I cannot believe I am officially registered for my last semester of courses. Where did the time go? Am I ready for this? As we inch closer and closer towards the end of the year, I am beginning to feel that tug. I’m not quite sure what has a hold on me — maybe it’s my subconscious pining for time to slow as it realizes that the end is near.

Whatever it may be, there is one thing I must note: I’m not one to engage in this force-fed holiday spirit, but a class-free Wednesday for my final semester here at Stevens is a Hanukkah gift come early. And for that… rejoice!