The One About Midterms

The library is packed at all hours of the day, coffee is a staple, and printers are out of order. It is midterm week here on campus. The craziness of everything going on can only be described as such. I have spent nearly every hour of the day drinking coffee and writing up papers, outlines, and anything of the sort. However, I cannot say I have it that bad. I am a business major, the only midterm I have to worry about this week is my CAL 103 midterm. Some of my other midterms have been pushed onto a week or two from now.  Believe me, I’ve dedicated as many hours to analyzing the works of Feynman and Kaku as others have studied their Chemistry formulas and flash cards. By now, I know the texts ‘The Value of Science’ and ‘The Theory of Everything?’ like the back of my hand. I could probably drop out of school to spend my career speaking on the similarities and differences between the two texts.

With the amount of time I have spent studying and drinking coffee, I have come up with new and creative ways to get my law degree without actually putting the money and time into it. I have heard every possible song titled ‘Good Stuff’ because I forgot to switch the song after I listen to the one I actually wanted to hear. All these things have brought me to the conclusion that I should spend the breaks and summer writing a book to hit it big so I won’t ever have to jump out of my seat when Shakira replaces the soothing voice of Justin Guarini again. Being able to stop drinking the insane amounts of coffee I’ve been consuming would also be good for my health, considering I wasn’t a coffee drinker before Stevens.

In the end, I know all the work will be worth the grade, that is if I happen to do well on the midterm. All the late nights, headaches, and dead highlighters will have meant much more than just their faults. Besides, I get to experience it all again next week when preparing for my Information Systems midterm and the other things that will be thrown my way. But it’s okay, because there are at least fifty other students in my Information Systems class, so I am not going through the fight alone. I hope the rest of you do well on your midterms as well. Rest up and stay healthy guys, we aren’t even halfway there yet.