KSA hosts Chuseok, “Korean Thanksgiving”

On Wednesday, October 5th,┬áthe Korean Student Association (KSA) hosted Chuseok, known as “Korean Thanksgiving” in English. The evening began with a game of Ddakji, a popular children’s game, and then food was served. The food included traditional Korean foods, such as Korean walnut cakes, rice cakes, and kimbap. Kimbap is essentially Korean sushi, but usually includes a different type of meat, such as beef, chicken, or sausage, which are all cooked unlike sushi. If you’re interested in sushi, but can’t get past the raw fish, you might want to try some kimbap!

KSA meets every other Monday nights at 9 pm, in BC210, with their next meeting being October 16th. They will also be represented in the World Night Market, on October 18th.