IUA hosts Garba in Walker Gym

Photos by Ramya Sudhakar

On Friday, September 29 the Indian Undergraduate Association (IUA) hosted Garba in Walker Gym. Garba is a type of dance specific to the Gujurati culture to celebrate Navarati. Many Indian students on campus attended the event, including a large amount of graduate students. Many girls wore bright colored traditional Indian clothes for the celebration, called “chanya choli.” This garment comes from Gujurat, the same place from with the festival originates. Attendees were able to dance, enjoy delicious Indian food and sweets, including naan, rice, gobi manchurian, and gulab jamun, and reunite with friends over the annual fall celebration. “The event was great,” said IUA secretary Ramya Sudhakar, “over 300 hundred people showed up to the event.”