SGA funded music festival rescheduled for the Spring

Last April, the Entertainment Committee had a budget approved for a fall festival. After speaking to three different agents, EC compiled a list of ten different artists to perform at the festival. After deciding on the top three artists to book, Student Life put out a choice of three dates for the event. Soon after, the agent that was coordinating with EC was unresponsive and everyone involved in planning the event decided it was best to postpone the event to the Spring semester. EC Festivities Chair David Baldyga stated, “It would be best to wait and plan it out correctly to benefit the most students.” A couple of weeks ago, the Entertainment Committee met with the SGA and notified them that there were issues with the booking agent, so the fall festival would have to be rescheduled. In order to have the necessary funds for such a festival, almost every organization on campus had money cut from their budget. SGA Vice President of Finance Houston Migdon stated: “Money was cut from almost every organization on campus during the budgeting period in order to keep the SGA solvent as well as ensure funds were available to put on such an event.” After the original cancellation, the festival planning committee had two decisions: reassemble the student group and decide on another fall festival, or continue with the originally selected group. As of now, the same student group originally responsible for organizing the fall festival will be given the funding to organize the same festival in the spring. The students believe that they will not run into the same problems in the spring, so the festival is expected to take place in April 2018.