It’s more fun in the Philippines!

On September 20 th , The Filipino Association of Stevens Tech (FAST) hosted More Fun in the Philippines. The event took a creative twist converting Jacobus Hall into the Philippines and taking attendees on a guided tour and educating the tourists on the prominent natural landscapes, cities, food and the local Filipino population. Attendees began the adventure in an airport, where they were assigned a tour guide. They also received an itinerary of the 4 locations in the Philippines they would cover, the first being Paliparan which was checked off at the airport. Following this they were taken to Bayan, the next itinerary item, where an informative explanation on the natural beauty of the Philippines was presented. Tour guides described the extensive verdant mountain ranges, great stretches of sandy beaches, and extraordinary amount of wildlife and flora present in the country. As the tour guide led the group to the next station, plantain chips were provided, and Bayan was checked off. Next was Tropiko, where visual highlights of the metropolitan scene of the Philippines were detailed. Tourists got an insight into the busy and complex living conditions in the Philippines such as the transportation system, shopping centers (known as Mega Malls), and various forms of housing. Delicious snacks accompanied the station. The last stop was Bahay, where tourists encountered local people, culture, and wildlife. The first half of the presentation explained the characteristics of Filipino community, indigenous people and ecology, with the last half expanding on the Home and Family (FAST). With the last check box checked off on the itinerary, the journey came to an end. Refreshments were provided, and tourists were allowed to exit the Philippines with new knowledge and a better understanding of the wonderful Filipino culture, community and country. FAST did a marvelous job of educating the Stevens community on their culture. They were very organized, had well-made trifolds, beautiful decorations and an awesome load of energy to pull off this wonderful event!