SDS presents “The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza”

This weekend was the Stevens Dramatic Society’s performance of The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza, a fun reimagining of many of the Greek mythology stories you’re probably familiar with. Gods going to marriage counseling, Hercules as an intern, an Argonaut that transforms into a bucket of water – these are a few of the ways that this show throws humor into what would normally be a dull story.

The plot follows the story of two narrators: one who is well-prepared for her presentation on Greek mythology and one who is not, mistaking the assignment as a presentation about “the Geeks” (which he plans to wing from the Wikipedia article he read). Ultimately, they compromise and tell us their interpretation of Greek mythology – including the Sixth Street closure escaping from Pandora’s box.

SDS will be performing at least two more shows this year, the first of which will be their Fall play, “The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940,” beginning on Nov. 9.  If you’re interested in joining SDS, go to the next GBM on Oct. 11, or email for more information.