Happy orientation!

It’s finally here. The first day of the rest of your lives, as they say. These next four to five years will be where you really learn about yourself as a person, and accomplish more than you ever have before. It’s exciting, and I’m very happy to share this moment with you. Are you a new student currently putting together your dorm? Deciding which orientation events to go to? Stressing about your major? Whoever you are, I can only imagine what’s going through your head right now. I can’t guarantee that your roommate is as cool as they said they were online, but I can guarantee this much: you will never forget orientation, and those mild panic attacks will go away. This is a new chapter in your life, and you are heading into unfamiliar territory, socially and academically. Stevens is not the typical college campus that you have seen on television. Everyone here is super talented and incredible in their own ways. I realized this early in my career at Stevens, and it intimidated me at first. I went to a normal, public high school with a total of two computers and zero programming exposure. People all around me were clad in [insert tech high school name] and [insert private school name] gear along with their Stevens memorabilia, that it seemed like I did not belong here with my public school education and lack of technical experience. Here I am two years later, a junior, and a proud Editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper. I think it’s safe to say that I would have questioned the possibility of both during my first moments here at Stevens. If I can prosper and enjoy my life here, then you will have no problem getting adjusted and succeeding. Even when the winter of intense study sessions and stressful exams come, it is this first week that will set the tone for the rest of your days here at Stevens. I encourage you to savor every moment of it. Making friends will be easier than you expect, there will be at least one club you will find interest in. You will meet some of the best people on the planet here. This is an exciting moment in your life, and I’m excited for you! My name is Tarik Kdiry, Junior Software Engineering major, Editor-in-chief of the Stute, and one of your first friends here at Stevens. Welcome!