Explore your passions, hone your craft

Let’s take a quick step back a couple years to the time before design reports where I was still deciding on which college to go to. Or rather, in my particular case, whether it’s Stevens or panic because I didn’t apply anywhere else. Oops. When I came to this campus, I expected computers, robots, and chess on the quad. I mean, I wasn’t disappointed, but there was something particularly interesting. My tour guide majored in Music and Technology there was a band playing on the lawn. There was more to this environment than STEM related activities. Upon coming here I realize that everyone has one or two very interesting passions that have nothing to do with their major. I was concerned coming to Stevens as a Software Engineering major who plays the drums and practices karate. How on Earth would I fit in with a bunch of people I expected to be religiously into robotics and programming and have never sung a single note? Shame on me for have preconceptions like that but was I really the only one coming into college with preconceptions?

After being here a little while I begin to see more of what makes people happy to be alive. Of course our craft should give us purpose but I fear for a future that lacks in people cherishing and honing their passions. I hope the electrical engineer with an interest in music picks up her guitar and plays once in a while and I hope the computer scientist with a passion for the theater auditions for the play in the spring. Passion is expression and suppressing it will only cause you more stress. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I would like any more stress this semester. As always, thank you for reading and see you next week!