Statement from the Department of Student Affairs

On November 8, 2016, our nation held a historic, yet polarizing presidential election. Regardless of political affiliations, there were very strong reactions to the results of the elections across the country. Some were triumphant and hopeful, others experienced fear and distress, and many felt somewhere in between. We, the Diversity Committee within Students Affairs, want to acknowledge the range of emotions that many in our Stevens’ campus community have experienced and are currently experiencing. We also want to share an array of resources that students, staff, and faculty can utilize during this time and beyond.

All Stevens students and community members have the following campus resources available to them:

Campus Police (201) 216-5105
Counseling and Psychological Services (201) 216-5177
Health Center and Health Services (201) 216-5678
International Student and Scholar Services (201) 216-5189
Office of Disability Services (201) 216-3748
Office of Residence Life (201) 216-5128
Office of Undergraduate Student Life (201) 216-5699

Stevens is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive community, in which we do not condone or tolerate any discriminatory behavior. We may have different political and/or world views, but, we are all part of the same Stevens community. We must always strive to demonstrate compassion, respect and excellence, not only in all that we do, but in how we choose to stand by one another.

The members of the Diversity Committee, Student Affairs
Freddie Bourne, Resident Director for Lower Campus
Dr. Kristie Damell, Associate Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator
Karen Dilsizian, Sr. Assistant Director of Career Services
Ashleigh Hussey, Assistant Director of Cooperative Education
Jane Gilbarty, Administrative Assistant for Student Life
Phil Gehman, Director of Disability Services
Joshua Negron, Undergraduate Student
Yajaira Pons, Assistant Director of Admissions – Diversity Initiatives
Maria Ramirez, Coordinator of Pre-College Programs
Kurtis Watkins, Associate Director of Residence Life
Jacquis Watters, Diversity Educator
Dr. Melissa Zarin, Assistant Director, Counseling & Psychological Services