Hello everybody

Hello everybody, I’m Tarik Kdiry. I know this may be a bit unexpected, but I promise everything will be okay. First, let me explain: It’s been quite a week for all of us, I’m sure, what with the elections this week and the familiar workload we all deal with on a daily basis. We as Americans elected a new president by the name of Donald Trump. Please keep reading — this won’t be about politics I promise. That is, except for the following: I must admit that I was very shocked at the outcome and, of course, stunned at how close the results were. Disregarding my political views, I am eager to experience the next four years under new leadership. Sure.

If you read carefully above, I used the word elections as opposed to election. We here at The Stute had our own election night last Tuesday. For those who do not know, we had openings for a Member-at-Large position and Editor-in-Chief. As evidenced by my title on this week’s paper, I have been elected as the latter. Now, at first, it seems pretty odd that a sophomore, especially this sophomore, decided to take on this position. That’s because it is.

It was only two summers ago I saw an advertisement for The Stute’s Freshman Weekend and decided to try it out. I wasn’t very active in high school and I had never really shown any interest in newspapers to begin with. How could I pass up the opportunity, though? I was eager to move in to my dorm and experience college in one of my favorite towns, Hoboken. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that weekend. I made many lifelong friends and experienced many unforgettable moments in one weekend. I don’t think any ordinary orientation can come close to being that precious to me. I have completely skipped that awkward friend-making phase in college and I have no one else to thank but the beautiful people of The Stute.

After putting on a few hats here at The Stute, I cannot believe how comfortable this hat is. And I look forward to many semesters with my awesome staff, exemplary writers, and of course, our dedicated readers.

Let’s do this.