Personal Branding with Elizabeth Barry

Elizabeth Barry, a marketing guru, collaborated with Women’s Programs and came to Stevens this past Wednesday to talk about how to personally brand oneself for future interviews and professional environments. Barry, the external adviser for Stevens Women in Business, has been actively involved in the Hoboken community for many years, from being on Hoboken’s Women in Business Council to being named the first Hoboken Woman of the Year in Business in 2012. She was also the first person to bring TEDx Talks to Hoboken, and last month gave a TEDx Talk for Women in New York City.

She began by introducing a slogan, “Invent. Reinvent. Evolve. Stay relevant.” Barry discussed how important branding stories are, and how it’s okay to have stories that change. In fact, that’s normal; as life goes on and more opportunities emerge, it is normal to add on to one’s story and take away parts that are not relevant anymore.

Next, Barry discusses how important it is to continue branding oneself in the work environment, and not be a two-dimensional “stuffy businessperson.” She explained how important it is to be not just a workaholic, but an actual person with goals, inspirations, and hobbies. Even something as simple as “I used to ski in high school” can make a lasting impression on someone else more than just a name and hometown. She mentioned a book called ­The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, by Robin Sharma, a great self-help book about the development of character and the discipline in life. She discussed how important people are “in the job”, rather than the job itself.

“Despite the advancement of digital technology, humans are either the strongest or weakest link in an organization,” Barry says . Later, Barry let the crowd do some individual brainstorming with an exercise called, “I am, I am great at, I am inspired by.” Each person wrote down three characteristics about themselves, three things they’re good at, and one thing they’re inspired by.

Barry also helped brand successful women in the past, including Jordan Somer, a young adult who helps run beauty pageants for women with disabilities, and created a national program, called Miss Amazing, for it. She also helped Andrea Rogers, a woman who wanted to teach Pilates and is now the founder of Xtend Barre and a multi-millionaire.

Barry is the author of a book called Own Your Vulnerability, a great read about emerging from the shell we put in public and embracing our weaknesses as well as our strengths. She is writing another book, specifically about vulnerability in men, coming out in 2017. She describes how important it is to own oneself and that it’s okay to change your brand story as many times as needed. Barry can now be found as the brand new co-owner of Renaissance Pilates on 335 River St. in Hoboken. Barry stresses people should own themselves and shouldn’t afraid to be vulnerable.