Always and forever P!nk

Billie Haas knew she wanted to pursue some form of art for her whole life. In high school the realm of live entertainment piqued her interest, which in turn led her to Stevens. Originally from Deal, NJ, Billie is a Junior Visual Arts and Technology major double minoring in Music and Technology and Theater Technology.

“I like this program because it incorporates many different things that I could mold to [end up] going where I want to go and doing what I want to do” She explains. In addition, Billie is involved in Poker Club and Art Club, is a Writing Center Consultant, and she is hoping to do “more new things this year.”

Like most majors, Visual Arts and Technology encompasses many disciplines, from animation and fabrication to design. Billie has some goals in mind. “I would like to be doing creative direction and visual production in live entertainment, specifically [musical] tours.” Since focusing in on this goal for the past few years, Billie feels that she can, “put them [my major and minors] all together to have this tool bag going into that [the music] industry.”

In attending concerts, Billie was exposed to an industry she could see herself working in and enjoying. While at these concerts she says that, “I would forget to watch the [actual] show because I was watching the second show, which was all the crew running around.” She adds, “I like that,” and “I hope to work for the show behind the scenes.” When asked what her dream show to design and produce for would be, she said that her “biased answer is and will always forever be P!nk.”

Although Billie has a clear picture of where her passions lie, she remains excited about trying new things and expanding her horizons. During her first two years of college, Billie found herself doing things she felt she had to, whether that be from a career standpoint, or from a more emotional standpoint. What clubs one participated in in high school do not necessarily have to carry through into college. For Billie, feeling obligated to take part in certain clubs or organizations “didn’t let me live my life,” she says.

“My game-plan is trying not to have a game-plan.”

One thing Billie has been doing this year is choosing to spend her time doing new things. It was with this mindset that she discovered her love of rock-climbing and poker. Billie feels that it is important to keep seeking out things one is passionate about while also leaving some room to try new things. This open-mindedness can lead one to find out more about one’s likes and dislikes.

Discovering new things about oneself can be challenging. “It was scary, not so much going out to find the new things, but scary to let go of the old things,” Billie says about joining new clubs. Despite her discovering new hobbies, art and music have remained a constant in her life because they are her core passions. She has a list of bookmarks on her browser of companies whose designs inspire her and help her figure out what kinds of projects she specifically wants to work on in the future, like Silent House Productions and Live Design.

As a Visual Arts and Technology major, Billie says that, “It is the way you manipulate the art and the technology. It is how you explore it and use it. Everyone is at a different level, but everyone is working together.” She adds, “It is a very nice community to learn about art and technology in that you probably wouldn’t get at a traditional art school.” In short, stay inspired, and follow your passions. Cultivate your passions, and also try new things. Despite the fact that we, as college students, have to fill out study plans and take required major-related classes, try taking a class to explore a topic you are interested in, but just never had the time to study. Billie explains, “You don’t have to know what you are doing” and “You don’t have to know what you want to do.”