MGC hosts 3 v. 3 basketball tournament for typhoon victims

The Multicultural Greek Council hosted a 3 versus 3 basketball tournament Wednesday, December 4, in the Schaefer Athletic Training Center in an effort to raise money for typhoon victims in the Philippines.
Eight teams comprised of three teammates competed against each other to win a trophy and an Amazon gift card.
“People should play in this tournament because it’s a fun break before the stress of finals take over,” event coordinator Anthony Don from Nu Alpha Phi said. “It’s a fun way to contribute to a greater cause and help out those who were devastated by the typhoon.”
First year students Billy Bonifacic, Nate Woerner and Geoffrey Lim were one the teams who participated in the event.
“Our team was horrendous,” Bonifacic said. “But we made up our fundamentals and skill with spirit.”
Lim agreed that their team was “rusty,” but said that overall it was a “competitive and friendly” event.
“The teams were fierce,” Bonifacic added. “We lost both games. Blow out both times. But they didn’t crush our spirits. It was an underdog story that hasn’t been finished yet. We’ll get them next year.”