Catering guidelines to be enforced

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The catering guidelines regarding food for on-campus events will now be more strictly enforced by the Office of Student Life. The guidelines were discussed by Brielle Melillo, Financial Coordinator in the Office of Student Life, at Leadership Reconnect last Saturday. Leadership Reconnect is the spring semester RSO summit hosted by the Student Government Association (SGA). According to the presentation slides from Leadership Reconnect, Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) and Greek organizations are required to go through Compass One Dining for any food for on-campus events and meetings. Only light snacks under $100 may be purchased from outside vendors without a waiver by using the organization’s purchasing card (P-card).

Stevens Dining Services has been partnered with the dining service company Compass One since June 2015. The contract with Compass One came with the requirement for RSOs to use Stevens Dining Catering for any prepared food for their events. The 2017-2018 Undergraduate Student Handbook states, “Stevens Dining is responsible for all dining on campus, including catering services and special events.” Citations of the policy specifically required a waiver for prepared food orders over $250, a number appearing in the Student Organization Policy Manual for 2017-2018 and also on the DuckLink event form.

There was no official announcement about policy enforcement to all students. The enforcement was communicated to RSOs by the Committee on Student Interests Subcommittee Heads at their subcommittee meetings. Registration for Leadership Reconnect was open to all undergraduate students; however, only presidents and treasurers listed on DuckLink portals were notified by SGA’s Vice President of the Committee on Student Interests (VPSI) Dakota Van Deursen. Each RSO needed to send one representative to attend Leadership Reconnect.

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