Omega Phi Beta receives charter

Photo Courtesy Omega Phi Beta

Omega Phi Beta (OPB), the only multicultural sorority currently on Stevens’ campus, was founded in Spring 2016 in order to establish a supportive sisterhood for underrepresented women on campus. Although OPB is Latina-oriented, they have 16 sisters from 13 different ethnicities. The sorority emphasizes family and culture through unity, while maintaining academic excellence as a priority.

After two short years, on Jan. 13, 2018, OPB received a charter, which establishes OPB as a nationally-recognized chapter, rather than a Stevens collective, and gives it a chapter name of Beta Upsilon.

One of the members of the founding class and current Multicultural Greek Council President as well as OPB Public Relations Chair, Glen Anna Abellana, is amazed and proud of how quickly OPB was able to receive a charter as, “the Beta Rho chapter at Ramapo took six years to get their charter and being able to get it in over a year is definitely a feat. It really shows how much hard work and dedication all of us put into OPB.” OPB is a safe and welcoming sorority on campus as Abellana says, “I can truly say I found my home at Stevens through OPB.” One of the newest sisters, Ivette Marte, says, “you get to meet very loving, independent, and empowering women.”

The overall theme of OPB is embodied in a quote they admire and follow: “a beta woman is a better woman, not better than anyone else, just better than who she used to be.” This is evident as OPB’s sisterhood stretches beyond the borders of Stevens. The OPB Beta Upsilon sisters connect with chapters at other colleges and support one another, no matter what state or school a sister is from. Hence, the OPB family stretches beyond the close-knit community of 16 sisters at Stevens.

For their philanthropy, OPB raises money and awareness to stop violence against women. In October, the sisters conducted the Ray of Hope walk to promote this cause. In February, OPB will be conducting a “Week of Illumination” with the theme of unapologetic women, which encourages women to not be ashamed of being themselves. OPB will also hold its first informational meeting on Feb. 7 at 9:17 pm in Fielding. The time is specifically 9:17 because there were 17 original founders of OPB. The informational session is for students who are interested in joining, learning more about the organization, or meeting the sisters.