The One About Thanksgiving

I am excited about Thanksgiving. The food, the company, and most importantly the unfathomable amounts of sleep are all so close I can practically taste it. I have never been a fan of turkey, so I’m glad my parents make a point of having a bunch of sides on the menu. With all this first semester has brought, I can say that I am really glad to be getting a well-needed break.

This first semester of college has been unlike anything I could have imagined. I expected to get a new start at a new school in a completely different environment than the place I have called home for the past eighteen years and I did. It just hasn’t been quite like anything I dreamed of college being. In the past three months, I have developed so many incredible friendships, learned so many useful things, and met so many great people that I am not really sure what I’m going to do when the semester is over.

Stevens has been instrumental in helping me to grow as a person, in helping me learn who I am and who I want to be — as opposed to who I thought I should be. When I first started writing this column, I was a terrified freshman with so many different ideas circling the air and no real opinions of my own. I was somewhere between being a leader and someone who just pretends like they have it all together because everyone else around them wants to be led. Stevens really helped me develop these skills and become more of a leader than I thought I could be.

I am excited about Thanksgiving; I want to see my family, eat good food, and sleep for hours. However, I recognize that Thanksgiving means there’s less than a month before the end of the semester and I am glad that these first few months have prepared me for it. I hope other freshmen feel the same way, that they have taken away the same things that I have since their start at Stevens. I am grateful to be part of such a wonderful community. That being said, happy Thanksgiving! I hope it treats you well.