CSA gets cozy in Babbio Atrium for Hotpot Night

Photo by Sally Ju | The Link

The Chinese Student Association (CSA) hosted ‘Hotpot Night’ on Tuesday, Nov. 14, in Babbio Atrium at 9 p.m. “Hotpot is a very traditional way of having dinner for Chinese people,” explained CSA Treasurer Sophia Hua, “the food takes a while to prepare, so people had to stay around, make new friends, catch up with others—the point of hotpot.” Around Babbio Atrium were different stations for students to pick up different parts of the traditional meal. Students could get noodles, vegetables, beef, pork, fish cakes, or dumplings, which would all be served either within a pot of broth or on the side. There was also a limited supply of bubble tea from Vivi’s. Bubble tea, before becoming popular in America, originated as a tea-based drink in Taiwan. In the center of the atrium were circular tables for all attendees to sit at and enjoy their meal with friends, simulating the hot pot experience.

The crowd was described as “similar” to previous events, with over 150 students in attendance. “10 out of 10, would host again!” said Vivian Lin, a member of the CSA e-board. CSA hosts bi-weekly general body meetings (GBMs) on Thursdays.