Theta Xi Trivia Night

Theta Xi held a Trivia Night for the first time this year on Thursday, Nov. 2. The event was hosted by the fraternity at their house located at 805 Castle Point Terrace. Students formed teams with friends and competed against each other for gift cards to the restaurant and bar Mikie Squared.  There was a $5 entry fee per person, and all proceeds were donated to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. There were many teams that came to flex their trivia knowledge and take home some great prizes, but there were many others there just to give back to the community hit hard by the hurricane. There were five categories for trivia: Geography, Sports, General Knowledge, History, and Potpourri (Random). Ten questions for each category were asked, and the top three teams were announced at the end of each category. The difficulty of the questions ranged from the location of the 2014 Winter Olympics (Sochi) to the year Elvis Presley passed away (1977). The questions were sourced from an online database of Trivia questions by category.

There were seven teams and a total of 29 players.  The top three teams with the most points (each correct question was one point) were awarded prizes.  The first place team was awarded a $45 gift card to Mikie Squared Bar and Grill, second place a $35 gift card, and third place a $25 gift card. The champions were Dylan Walsh, Brianna Maetta, Sam Dellis, Matt Martocci, and Richard Schemerhorn.

The donations were passed on to the Hurricane Harvey survivors through the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, which provides all types of relief to the survivors of the hurricane and those in need after the natural disaster.

Joe Gargana, Main Event Coordinator for the Theta Xi fraternity, explained that “this event came about due to the need for a Theta Xi signature event. Theta Xi usually has a signature event every semester. Last fall we had TX Factor, which was a talent show.” He decided to switch to trivia because it added a sense of challenge. He also expressed his gratitude to everyone who came, and would like to “encourage everyone around campus to participate in events like this because it helps the community in more ways than [they] can see.”

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