Lucas Gallo and Rami Kammourh win the 2018 SGA Presidential Election

Photo from Lucas and Rami for Stevens Facebook Page

Lucas Gallo and Rami Kammourh were announced as the winning ticket of the 2018 Student Government Association Presidential Election on Wednesday, Nov. 8. Lucas Gallo, elected as the SGA President, has extensive SGA experience including leading the charge for gender-neutral housing on campus and leading the Public Relations Committee of the SGA. Rami Kammourh, elected as the SGA Vice President of Operations, is the longest-standing standing senator in the SGA and currently serves as the head of the Consitution and Bylaws Committee and led the creation of a new SGA constitution.

Kammourh attributes their ticket’s success to relationships that they have built during their time as senators within the Student Government Association. By their work on large initiatives, Kammourh believes that it proved that they are the best candidates for the job. “While there’s no doubt that the other tickets have contributed significantly during their time as Senators and student leaders, we’ve both led initiatives which people could easily point to and attribute to our ticket. Namely, Lucas led the gender-neutral housing proclamation, and I wrote the new SGA constitution which is currently tabled and on its way to being passed by the Senate,” said Rami Kammourh, SGA Vice President of Operations electee.

Gallo and Kammourh are working closely with the current President and Vice President of Operations, Tommy Daly and Cat Oesterle, to ensure that they perform as effectively as they can as President and Vice President. “If there’s anything we’ve learned from Tommy and Cat, it’s that it’s important to keep a good resolve. This past Cabinet has had to deal with issues and face criticism the SGA hasn’t seen in a while,” said Rami Kammourh, “Namely, we were under large amounts of scrutiny when the stipend bill was proposed and when the Gianforte issue came to light. We hope to be able to effectively lead the SGA when similar issues arise.”

One of the first issues that Gallo and Kammourh wish to address when they take office is to work with the Entertainment Committee to ensure that there is a festival at least annually on campus. Both Gallo and Kammourh are dedicated to this problem: “It’s a time-sensitive issue that we’ll be working on over winter break even before we take office,” said Rami Kammourh.

Despite knowing the first issue that they want to tackle upon taking the position on the first day of the Spring Semester, both Gallo and Kammourh are undecided on which individuals they would like to serve on their cabinet. Though they are keeping in mind people who have shown interest in cabinet positions, but they are open to everyone. Lucas Gallo stated that they will be holding interviews for all of the cabinet positions. “We’re looking for people who can bring a fresh perspective to the Cabinet, will be passionate about their role, and most importantly, are dedicated to the improvement of the student experience at Stevens. If you’re interested in holding a position on our Cabinet, be sure to reach out to us!” said Lucas Gallo.

Lucas Gallo and Rami Kammourh, and the rest of their cabinet will take office on the first day of classes of the Spring 2018 Semester.

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