KSA hosts Kimbap Night

Photo by Cole Yarbrough

On Wednesday, Nov. 8, the Korean Student Association, KSA, hosted “Kimbap Night” in Hayden Lounge. Kimbap is a Korean dish, containing ingredients such as beef, ham, imitation crab meat, egg strips, carrots, or spinach. All of the ingredients are surrounded by a layer of cooked rice, and then by a layer of dried seaweed. Kimbap is similar to the Japanese dish of sushi rolls.

This event, however, was not about giving out kimbap – it was about making it! Beginning with a layer of dried seaweed and a coating of sesame oil, the rice was flattened on top, and then the ingredients attendees chose were laid horizontally across the rice. Using a roller, the ingredients were compressed into a roll and sliced into bite-sized pieces.

KSA will be hosting its next and last GBM of the semester on Monday, Nov. 13, at 9PM in Babbio 210.