To My Best Friends

To my best friends. We have quite a history, the three of us. I mean, I have known you both since the day I was born. You were there through the asthma attacks and the grade school plays. You held my hand crossing sidewalks and you held me through nightmares. I sang to you at talent shows only to run off crying into your arms because some boy backstage was being mean. You spent every hour I was sick curled up beside me as we watched and re-watched the Star Wars saga more times than I can remember.

We spent nights dancing down the aisles of Shop Rites as I tried to teach you the difference between a dab and a nae nae, though I am pretty sure neither of us know what either is to this day. You drove 18 hours in a car filled with crying and Indiana Jones movies just to get the best pizza on the planet. You sat beside me on a six hour plane ride to take me to Rome for the first time. You were there through the tedious process of finding a prom dress and stayed there to drive my other friends and me to the diner afterwards.

Through all the tears, the laughter, the shouting, and the love, you have stuck by me through it all. Mom, Dad, thank you for every memory and poem-worthy experience you’ve given me. Thank you for helping me become the woman I am today. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me as a person, rather than just number two of six. I could never put into words all the times you’ve been there when no one else would be. I have never met two people as dedicated to their family, as dedicated to me, as the two of you.

To my readers. You will have friends who will last a lifetime. You will meet people and experience things so wonderful that they won’t seem real. You will love your heart out and be so immersed in love that it will feel suffocating, but it’s important to let the people you love know that you love them. At least, that’s what’s on my mind.