Don’t forget the good

During times like these, we are reminded that the world can be a scary place. It seems like the world is only filled with hatred, violence, and darkness. It is easy to hear about all of the terrible things that are happening and lose faith in humanity, especially now, when something so horrific has happened so close to home. My heart goes out to the families of the victims, and anyone personally affected by this unspeakable act.

I know this might sound naive, and easier said than done, but, we should not let the bad speak louder than the good. The darkness wins only if we let it. People with such horrible motives shouldn’t even have a page in the history books. It might be hard to see, but there is still a lot of good in this world that we shouldn’t allow the bad to overshadow. Take whatever you are feeling now, whether it is sadness or anger, and let that drive you to make the world a better place. Don’t give more power to the people that don’t deserve it; instead, focus on healing, and giving back to the communities most affected.

If that is a big leap, take healing one step at a time. Start with yourself. Look at the world around you and find whatever it is that makes you happy and gives you hope – whether it’s your favorite TV show, a club, or a hobby. Look at the beauty around you, in the falling leaves or in the music of laughter. The bad things can eat us up inside if we just let them be. Don’t forget the good and remember your favorite things, and then the world won’t feel so bad.