Phi Sigma Sigma Hosts Lip Sync

On Sunday, October 22, Phi Sigma Sigma hosted Lip Sync 2017 in DeBaun Auditorium.  Students from inside and outside of Stevens’s Greek community packed DeBaun’s orchestra level to witness a great night of entertainment.

Lip Sync is an annual event that has been hosted by Phi Sigma Sigma since 2011. At first, the competition was open to any group of 5 or more people, who were challenged to choreograph and lip sync a 5-minute performance of any song in front of a panel of judges that included members of the school faculty and campus police.  However, Lip Sync quickly grew to become a tradition in the Greek community, and since then has become a battle between fraternities to determine the best performers on campus.  Now, the performances are around 10 minutes long and include hilarious costumes and props, as well as complicated lighting cues and choreography.

In recent years, Phi Sigma Sigma has implemented themes that all acts must follow.  Past themes have included “Power Couples” and “Decades”.  This year’s theme was “Movie Soundtracks.” All Greek organizations had to act out iconic scenes from their favorite films and blend them with their favorite songs from the film.  This resulted in a surprising range of performances; while some organizations chose to perform selections from musicals like High School Musical and Grease, others presented scenes from Shrek and White Chicks.

Five fraternities participated this year: Alpha Sigma Phi, Delta Tau Delta, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Nu, and Lambda Upsilon Lambda. After a crowd-pleasing night filled with blonde wigs and cartwheels, and a guest performance of two songs from one of Stevens’s a cappella group, Quackappella, the judges decided Sigma Phi Epsilon should take home the top prize of Best Picture for their lip sync to Blades of Glory.  Lambda Upsilon Lambda won Best Writing and Music for their lip sync of White Chicks.

Lip Sync Chair of Phi Sigma Sigma and lead organizer of this event, Melissa Gibbons, was very happy with this year’s Lip Sync.  She said, “The event was very successful as it raised over $1000 towards the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation, which supports school and college readiness.”  A sister of Phi Sigma Sigma since 2014, Melissa congratulated all the fraternities that participated and expressed her excitement for the planning of next year’s Lip Sync event.