Pink Floyd’s discography

I’ve always thought the best way to listen to music was by purchasing an album. If an artist put their songs in a specific order they intended it to be listened to, they should be listened to like that. Albums, for me, are the best way to categorize music, and the best way to discuss it. It’s much easier to compare an artist’s various albums than individual songs, for example. I also absolutely love it when albums tell a story, like “Queen’s Night at the Opera”, or connect their songs like “Abbey Road” and “Dark Side of the Moon”. Recently, I’ve been revisiting all of Pink Floyd’s discography and narrowed it down to my favorites: “Animals,” “Dark Side,” “The Wall,” and “Wish You Were Here.” Each one is a shining example of how an album should be made. The biggest difference is the tone that each album has. Yes, they all sound like Pink Floyd, but they’re also drastically different. For example, “The Wall” feels more like a rock album with heavy use of guitar, and “Dark Side” leans more towards a psychedelic experience with tracks like “Time,” “Brain Damage,” and “Eclipse.” My personal favorite album is “Wish You Were Here.” Its incredible structure and variation really make it stand out. The transition from “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” to “Welcome to the Machine” is so well done, and Pink Floyd manages to mix two extremely different songs into one. The length of the album is also a strong point. I’d much rather have a shorter album that is pure perfection than a long one that can sometimes drag when you want it to get to your favorite songs. “Dark Side,” for example, is a fantastic album, but songs like “The Great Gig in the Sky” and “Any Colour You Like” can sometimes be a bit slow, while I feel that “Wish You Were Here” just flows much better as an album. All in all, I think Pink Floyd’s entire discography is fantastic.