Men of Color Luncheon

This past Wednesday, October 4th, Jacquis Watters (Diversity Educator) partnered with Rommel Espinel (Web Services Librarian) to host the second Men of Color (MOC) Luncheon. The luncheon provides a safe space for men of color to build relationships and express any thoughts related to being a person of color (POC). The luncheon was held in Room 204 of the Library. After the attendees ate food prepared by Stevens Dining, Rommel Espinel opened the luncheon and reinforced the idea of the event being a safe space, and to open up about being a man of color. He then gave everyone a chance to introduce themselves, including two other guests: Kurtis Watkins and Quain Bevens, who work as the Assistant and Resident Director for Campus Housing, respectively. They gave their perspectives on being a person of color in the job industry, ways to handle racial profiling, and many other topics raised during the event. The upperclassmen present also shared tips for freshman about navigating Stevens as a POC. Before the event closed, Watkins, Bevens, and Espinel encouraged the attendees to reach out to them for anything they might need in the future. The next MOC Luncheon is currently scheduled for the end of November.