SWiCS hosts its staple event, “Coffee & Code”

Photo by Bernie Feeney

On Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017, Stevens Women in Computer Science (SWiCS) hosted its staple event “Coffee & Code.” Coffee & Code, a monthly event, is held at Bwé Kafe, a coffee shop on Washington Street in Hoboken. The event started last year, along with the founding of SWiCS.

Although the event is titled “Coffee & Code,” it has evolved into a social experience: people doing non-coding homework, a few people sending emails, most people laughing at jokes, and even one person sipping on a smoothie. This has been a favorite event for all the attendees who have made the event so popular that they have to squeeze extra chairs for the same long table.

This event has been a favorite for Monica Razak, the President and Founder of SWiCS. “We have Coffee & Code so that we can get women in [computer science] and supporters to meet up in a casual setting,” said Razak. “It can be harder for all of us to meet up in the library, so this is a great way for everyone to collaborate — plus coffee.”

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