Here’s The Skinny On Your New Jeans

I’m tired of skinny jeans. I’m still going to wear them every day, but…I’m tired of them. Especially now that fall’s arrived, the boyfriend jean craze has inspired me to want a greater variety of styles, meaning the revival of 70’s fashion and therefore bellbottoms. My style is in need of a pick me up, and simply playing off texture and color hasn’t been making the cut. I need new silhouettes.

While skinny jeans are still the most prolific cut and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, the boyfriend jean has become really popular. Whether you wear them studded, embroidered or ripped, this loose, straight cut is not only cute but comfortable too. It lends itself to an artsy, free-flowing vibe that I’ve been trying to move towards both sartorially and mentally. While the weather is still warm, many brands are offering a cropped flare or boot cut jeans, which adds interest to the silhouette without being as wintery as a boot cut jean. You’ve probably seen the recent trends with hems where the bottoms are frayed, laced with ribbon or tipped with embroidered fabric. Anthropologie’s brand Pilcro has a few pairs of cropped jeans that end with a flounced hem in a sheer fabric decorated with flowers and beads. While these might be expensive, inspiration is free!

Flares not extreme enough? Wide leg pants might be the fit you’re looking for. Wide leg is looser than boyfriend jeans, but still keep a straight cut through the entire leg, rather than flaring out at the bottom like boot cut. I almost bought a pair of high-waisted wide leg jeans last spring! This cut looks even better in a pant with a lighter material than denim. Get them in a higher waist to create a long, leggy silhouette. I especially adore wide legs that tie at the waist with a bow.

Ditching the skinny jeans might be a bold move, but I wouldn’t be writing this article if we were satisfied with bold moves. Most people stick to the rule of thumb that is “one article of clothing loose, you match is with a more form-fitting piece to offset it.” While this rule rarely proves wrong, it’s also not very fun. The styles I’ve been really inspired by lately match long and loose with long and loose.

This works especially well with a large sweater, perfect for the upcoming colder months (if they ever get here). A big cowl neck sweater over boyfriend jeans is cozy and comfy and just right for class. A dressier version could replace jeans with wide or straight leg pants and a sweater tucked in either all the way around or just in the front. Victoria Beckham is one fashionista and celebrity known for rocking a wide leg pant. Her Fall 2017 collection featured a look with a geometric patterned sweater side tucked into a pair of loose grey trousers. At the end of the show, Beckham herself came out in a slouchy navy turtleneck and wide leg navy trousers.

Theory’s 2017 Fall collection had their own spin on menswear for women. Many of their looks revolved around loose-fitting matching suits. The shirts were extra long and hung down past the jacket hems, which were also extra long. Another suit swapped the long shirt for a tucked turtleneck but compensated with a knee-length suit jacket. Derek Lam took a sportier take on the style with what looked like wide legged track pants. They were layered under a long, embellished peplum top, a cable knit sweater and turtleneck combination and a mid-thigh length suede sweater.

Runway looks are always a little excessive for everyday use, but they can provide inspiration for potential silhouettes, color combos and textures. While I won’t be wearing baggy track pants or extra wide suits, I like the idea of stepping away from the everything-is-skin-tight trend stemming from skinny jeans and jeggings. New shapes can be riskier than trying new colors or patterns, but it is just because form-fitting pants have become so mainstream. I love skinny jeans and will take them to the grave, but why not try some breezy flares for a change?