Stevens Women in Business

Founded in March 2016 with an interest group of seven girls, Stevens Women in Business (SWIB) is one of the newest clubs on campus. A semester later, in the Fall of 2016, SWIB became a registered student organization (RSO) and now averages around 50 members at their events.

“The official purpose of the club is to bring together a community of women to support each other, both in the professional and personal world by hosting informal networking sessions and workshops to enhance skills and teamwork,” said Victoria Piskarev, president of the club. ” [The] majority [of the club] are women business majors, but our club is women interest, not women exclusive, so we do have a few guys as members too.”

The club’s largest events are its breakfasts, called “SWIB Breakfasts”, which are informal networking events where professional women in the industry are invited to talk about their experiences in both the professional and personal world in an informal panel style. “We’ve had the Associate Deans of the Business School and the audit team from Goldman Sachs come so far,” said Piskarev.

Stevens Women in Business is also a part of the Women’s Council, along with other ‘Stevens Women in’ clubs such as, Stevens Women in Computer Science (SWiCS), and Society of Women Engineers (SWE), as well as sororities. Piskarev is optimistic about cross promotion with the Women’s Council, stating that her goal this semester is to “do events in Lore-El”, The Lore-El Center for Women’s Leadership, and that “Kristie Damell has been very open to it, fingers crossed!”

The next general body meeting (GBM) is next Thursday, September 28, 2017 in BC 320. “The club has women in engineering, computer science, and CAL majors as members,” said Piskarev, emphasizing that all are welcome to join. “We’re starting a new mentor/mentee program, and it’s not too late to sign up to be a mentee! It’s exactly like SWE’s program, and basically like the Ethnic Club’s mentor/mentee program. It’s our first one ever, so it’s exciting. And of course we’re going to have our SWIB Breakfast panels again as soon as we can.”