This Generation Thing, How Does It Work?

So let me give you a little background on myself. I am the youngest of four. My brother, the oldest sibling, is 25 years older than I am. My two sisters are 18 and 6 years older than I am. I went to the same high school with the younger sister, of course she graduated six years before me, but from the same high school nonetheless. In a mere six years, a lot seemed to have changed. The high school she remembered is vastly different than the one I remember. Besides the fact she enjoyed high school more than I did, it seemed like nobody that was present during her high school years was present during mine. The interests were different, the teachers seemed to be different, everything seemed to change. In only six years, it seemed like the world was completely different for her than it is for me. Now imagine my brother who is a whole quarter-century older than I am. How in the world am I to relate to him other than the fact that we share family? He’s the type to throw around the words ‘Millennial’ and ‘Gen-Z’ to the point where it seems that people of different generations are completely alien to each other. I can’t wrap my head around how common this way of thinking is in the workplace. In the office I’m currently working at, we recently switched from a cubicle system to a large open floor plan. Anybody under the age of 40, including myself, loves this change while the rest seem to not like it. It’s kind of like Snapchat, now that I think of it. The New Yorker published this funny cartoon about a man over the age of 40 not understanding Snapchat or Instagram, and I cannot stress enough how much I believe it. My brother is slightly over the age of 40 and cannot understand the purpose of either of those apps to save his life. Meanwhile, the older sister is only slightly below the age of 40 and regularly uses them. This is so amazing to me. How can generations that are currently living side-by-side seem to be such completely different people? Anyway, how are you doing?