Take me to the Little Sandwich Shop

Water main breaks, constant flooding, and now even the pier is going to fall into the river: Hoboken, your time is up. There’s a new king of hip in town, and they’re about 2-3 stops down on the light rail. That’s right, I’m talking about JERSEY CITY. Foodies, hipsters, and business professionals already know this hot dig, but now you can get in on the action too before the Kushners turn it into the next Manhattan.
Hyping of my adopted hometown aside, Journal Square, and the financial district of Jersey City are currently in the midst of an incredible upswing. One place that I’ve completely fallen in love with there is The Little Sandwich Shop, a breakfast/lunch deli hosting numerous specialties right on the corner of Newark and Grove Streets. If you’re new to Jersey City, it’s literally right across the street from the Grove Street path station. It’s “far” I know, but if you have a tinder date in Jersey City, or you happen to work there on Co-op, this place is definitely worth the distance.
Given that I usually don’t go to delis, I wasn’t even sure what to get. Fortunately, my co-workers helped out with the decision when they recommended the burgers and especially the fries, claiming that they were some of the best fries in town. That was a bold claim, but why get in the food reviewing business if not to go boom or bust?
Walking in, the shop gives off a tasteful first impression. Light green tablecloths, pictures of their expertly prepared food, and chairs reminiscent of 19th century France make you feel right at home. On top of that, the cashier was willing to be patient with me while I completely forgot how to order a burger, and I got my food in about 10 minutes. Oh, and the total was $8.55 for a healthy sized burger and fries!
Starting with the fries, I have to admit, my co-workers were right.  They were delightfully salted on the outside, and had a nice contrast of crunchy exterior and fluffy interior. On top of that (no pun intended), they didn’t go skimpy on the toppings, and the buns were more than just their white bread. Biting into the burger, it also had a quality flavor itself, expertly seasoned with salt and paper and leaving the natural flavor of the patty to shine through. While a burger and fries are a classic, that doesn’t mean it has to be dull or routine, and The Little Sandwich Shop delivers big time. I recommend it.
The Little Sandwich Shop may be far for the average Stevens student, if you’re a Co-op student or commuter in the area, this place is worth every one of the (few) dollars they charge you. On top of that, they also cater, and are open until 7:30 PM if you can’t make it for lunch.
Location: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Price: $ out of $$$$