Fall is Around the Corner, What Do You Look Forward To?

Autumn. Fall. These words are synonyms. Do either of them excite you? They sure excite me. For most of us, the autumn season is either one group of months surrounding Halloween, or a bitter reminder that the harsh, cold, and blistering winds of winter are coming. Speaking of winter, how about that finale? Nevermind that, it’s off topic. Having an infatuation with a certain time of year may sound a bit stupid, but I truly think we become different people four times a year. Autumn just so happens to be the season where I feel like I’m most conscious of myself and my well-being. I think a lot of it stems from fall fashion and the lower temperatures. My ideal fall outdoor scene is, of course, the leaves falling and the pumpkins on the street corner. But most importantly, I like the cool temperatures. Not cold – just cool. Above all, fall is a symbol for opportunity. A chance to better your fashion sense, raise your GPA, and, ideally, reinvent yourself as a person. As a student, it represents the start of a new year. There are new faces on campus and fresh career opportunities. I just don’t feel any of those things during the other seasons. During the winter months, I am constantly in a state of envy of bears that have the ability to hibernate. In the spring, I’m just scrambling to get my life together and survive the school year. The summer months just bring laziness and fatigue to the point where it’s just a warm blur for me. I’m excited for the coming months, and very much not excited for that first snowflake to drop.