[Meet the Greeks] Nu Alpha Phi

Nu Alpha Phi professes to create a bond of brotherhood passed down from generation to generation, including lasting relationships between alumni and currently active members.

Externally, it seeks to promote Asian-awareness, as well as to serve as a liaison between the Greek community and the Asian community. This is done through a supportive network of alumni and matriculated brothers who actively engage in participation in community service, cultural workshops and events, university programs, and various other on-campus student activities. Additionally, the fraternity strives to work with various other Asian Greek organizations in an effort to bring unity and recognition to the Asian-American community.

Internally, the fraternity emphasizes brotherhood and promotion of self-development for all of its members, as encouraged by its seven fundamental principles of Brotherhood, Discipline, Leadership, Pride, Professionalism, Service, and Unity. Members are taught to use these principles in everyday life to promote personal growth. These ideals are brought upon prospective members, as well.

Additionally, the fraternity promotes brotherhood through events such as alumni networking, job banks, sports competitions, and road trips. The fraternity actively seeks to integrate its members into the local community through social events, on-campus performances, and participation in various cultural organizations.

Although the fraternity asserts itself as an Asian-interest organization, it openly welcomes members from any ethnicity or cultural background, and its membership has continued to increase in diversity over the years.