[Meet the Greeks] Chi Psi

Founded at Union College in 1841, Chi Psi has a strong presence at 32 of the nation’s preeminent universities. Although the 8th fraternity founded in the US, Chi Psi boasts a an impressive list of firsts including the first Greek-letter organization to be founded on the idea of emphasizing the fraternal and social principles of a brotherhood, the first fraternity to establish a fraternity house which is affectionately known to us as “the lodge”, and the first to implement full-time traveling leadership consultants.

On the Stevens campus, we are known as “Lodgers” since we were founded in 1883.  Since then we have been an active part of the Stevens community, aiming to enhance both our brothers’ college experiences, as well as all of our fellow students’. Our Lodge is at 804 Castle Point Terrace, on Greek Row. For over 175 years Chi Psi has dedicated itself to the cultivation of an elevated and refined friendship, and we look forward to welcoming some of you new students to that pursuit.