Interview with Professor Lukic

A professor of Physics and Astronomy, Professor Lukic certainly knows a lot about the world. Originally from Serbia, he came to North America to study and eventually found his way to Stevens. He explained that the one thing that seems to be the hardest for college students is the time management and the newfound independence. “No one is telling you what to do and when to do it.” He said that it’s easy to fall behind in college because it’s a completely different change of pace from high school. Lukic talked about how the first two weeks are the easiest weeks, but that the work is very demanding and unlike high school, there’s no makeup work. He encouraged students to attend the different time management workshops offered at Stevens and to use the resources provided to them by the school to help them succeed. Lukic reflected on the Stevens community, saying that Stevens is a small school where everyone knows everyone and that you can’t just disappear. “Everyone falls, but you have to get up and dust off. You have to move on.”