Interview with Kristie Damell

Running everything from Freshman Orientation, to the different diversity programs that Stevens has on campus, the Office of Student Life is a big part of the lives of Stevens students. Working behind the scenes to make all of it happen is Kristie Damell, the Associate Dean of Students.

Dean Damell has been working at Stevens for the past nine years, and has a doctorate in Education and Leadership from Fordham University. She is the co-adviser to the Student Government Association, and also co-advisor to the Honor Board. She is the Title IX coordinator, which prohibits discrimination based on sex in educational programs and activities. She provides yearly training to students, faculty and staff, and also oversees Title IX investigations. In addition, she manages Women’s Programs, Safe Zone programming, and the Stevens LEADS program.

She offers the following advice to incoming freshmen: “Take advantage of as much as we can offer you.” Dean Damell then went on to say that students should get situated at college, but should not be intimidated and explained the value of taking risks. “Just get involved in something. Whether it’s research, an internship, being president of a club, fraternity or sorority life, whatever it is. Find something that you fit with, and exceed in it. Do well.” Kristie, along with the Office of Student Life, is devoted to helping make Stevens feel like home by familiarizing students with the resources to help them succeed. She noted that being at Stevens is like a clean slate, meeting new people, and doing new things as authentically as you can is key.