Interview with Dean Nilsen

When the elevators open on the 10th floor of the Howe center, you may be surprised to see a desk full of rubber duckies and a poster flaunting its support for the LGBT community. This is no average floor in Howe, which is full of administrative offices. On this floor, is the Office of Student Life. In the office’s northwest corner, sits Mr. Kenneth Nilsen, the Dean of Students at Stevens.

Mr. Nilsen has been a Duck for a long time. His 23 years at Stevens have consisted of holding various offices and positions, but his work has always “centered around the well-being of Stevens students.”

Nowadays, Mr. Nilsen is responsible for all student life at Stevens, supervising the wellness areas, the students’ health areas, the Care team — a council of faculty members “providing a safety net for students.” He works with students who need to take medical leaves of absences and, among other things, is “student focused… student driven,” and dedicated to the betterment of Stevens’ students.

Mr. Nilsen, as the Dean of Students, oversees the Office of Student Life, which is open for students who are in any need of support. Academic, emotional, or social support — the Office of Student Life, according to Dean Nilsen, is “always available” to assist students in this community. Not only does he recommend for students to seek support, he actively encourages it.

“There are many options available for the students.” If a student is reluctant to receive help, a student’s friends can “report a concern through the MyStevens page.” Nobody, according to Mr. Nilsen, is above receiving help, so the Student Life center is the perfect resource. The upcoming year may be overwhelming. But with the support of Dean Nilsen and the Office of Student Life, the transition into Stevens and living with a new community can be easier.

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