To my graduating self:

Congratulations, class of 2017. This issue of the Stute is dedicated to you, but as selfish as I am, I’ll take this opportunity to write a letter to myself in four years, for when I graduate in 2020. I’m sure at least one part of my letter would resonate with you though, and remind you of your freshman self, so keep reading:

Dear Audrey,

You made it! Wow! I’m sure time has gone by so fast, as it does when you enjoy yourself. As a freshman, it sure did. Now you’re here! Graduating, getting ready to join the “real world”. Hopefully, you have a few more job experiences under your belt, and will be doing things that can change the world, even if it’s in a small way. Are you doing something you like? Are you with people you like? How did all your friends turn out? Hopefully we’ve all made it. Were the past four years full of unforgettable life experiences and memories, like everyone said college would be? I think that matters most, rather than GPA or whatever.

Right now, you really like life. Sure, it’s naive, but freshman year really has been a lot of fun. Hard work, but a lot of fun. You can only hope that the next three years will be just as good. Were they? Were the challenges you took on worth it? Did you make new friends each semester? Did you change how people perceive The Stute, APO, and CPAC, things that make you, you? You and the things you care about aren’t insignificant, regardless of what people say. Were classes you took fun, did your hobbies develop into unique talents? How do you feel about yourself, and how much you’ve grown since freshman year? You know your habits, your likes and dislikes. How much have you changed? Are you ready for the real world? If you don’t think so, it’s okay. You’re more prepared than you think. Really.

I hope you pay your taxes, have a bank account, make your own doctors appointments by now. You’re 21, mumma shouldn’t be doing these things anymore. Start now if not. Eight semesters worth of business coursework, are you a businesswoman yet? Madame Fleitas said business didn’t suit you because you’re too nice. Did her advice motivate you to change, or to be yourself? Were you able to travel to Europe and Asia as you wanted, and see the places you want to see? Did you do any service trips? How did you spend your summer and winter breaks? Hopefully not slacking! Always keep working for the things you believe in.

Don’t regret too much. What’s meant to be is meant to be. You worked hard, celebrate your accomplishments. The next stage in your life is approaching. Graduation is only the end of your academic career, not the end of learning. Stay passionate about learning. Stay humble, you don’t know everything about life. Whether or not someone has a diploma doesn’t make them intelligent or respectable. It’s who they are as a person. Are you a good person to others in this world? The world can be ugly sometimes. It’s up to you to bring beauty into it. Hopefully, the people you’ve met share your philosophies about the world, and who they want to be. Don’t be scared. Trust the instincts you’ve honed, you’ll be just fine.

Best wishes for your twenties, but also the rest of your life.
Audrey, 18 years old.