We all have pet peeves

Buzzfeed like titles aside, we all have pet peeves. Something we find particularly annoying that we never seemed to get over in our lives. A pet peeve can be anything from a sound someone makes to the way someone says a certain word. Even just reading this, I’m sure you are currently thinking of that certain something that makes you tick. I have very few pet peeves, but they affect me in such a way I cannot comprehend. I guess I’ll start with my least powerful pet peeve which is that stupid loud chewing sound many people make when they are eating. Chewing with your mouth open is one thing but if I differentiate the sound of your teeth biting into the food and the sound of your teeth being removed from the food, I just want to let you know that I am planning my escape. If, of course, I decide not to be violent that day. My next and final pet peeve, if we leave out the word ‘guesstimate’, brogrammers, Dane Cook, temperatures between 55 and 58 degrees Fahrenheit, Dr. Who memes, Windows Vista, Differential equations….wait, I lost my train of thought. Oh yes, my final pet peeve which is interrupting me when I’m talking. Even, and especially if I’m talking to you and you decide to interrupt the middle of my sentence with whatever comment you feel is so important that you needed to cut me off. See? I’m getting mad just thinking of it. Have some respect, let me finish my sentence.

All in all, we all have pet peeves. Some are slightly annoying while others just get so deep under your skin that you almost fail to contain yourself. Until next time.