WCPR hosts Pinegrove event

Photo by Audrey Dsouza

On Friday, April 7, WCPR- Castle Point Radio hosted a concert featuring Evan from Pinegrove, The Gray Company, and Hexdog in Jacobus Lounge. WCPR hosts a show each semester featuring acts from around the area, but also a Stevens groups as well. This time, the Stevens group was Hexdog, whose guitarist/lead vocal, Emma Murphy, organized the entire event. Hexdog was the opening act, following them was The Gray Company, and the finale was Pinegrove. While figuring out the lineup for this event, she was nervous, because it was “the first show I booked myself on,” but ultimately, she was “still super happy with the outcome.” She added, “We get a good balance between the community and outside the Stevens population,” referring to the turnout. About 100 people from outside Stevens came, and 150 students from Stevens attended. Emma explained how she tries to get local groups in the music scene because she tries to focus on “creating a more diverse art community,” here on campus. Emma is also a sister of Theta Phi Alpha, who raised over 200 dollars at the event selling baked goods for Planned Parenthood.

“It feels good to have people watch, pay attention, and appreciate whats going on,” said Emma, about performing the show. If you are interested in joining WCPR, performing, or having your own radio show, visit them in the basement of Jacobus, Wednesday nights at 9:30.